Certification of competence as a form of assessment of HR professionalism shall be a certainty that has been philosophically taught by Allah SWT as creator of man and the universe. In Quran Surah Al Baqarah: 30 – 33, Allah illustrates the process of man creation that will be destined as the Caliph on earth.

By Allah’s will and power, Allah could have created man immediately and assigns him to be a leader on earth. Yet Allah beautifully illustrates the process of creation by involving angels, who ‘protest’ the will of Allah. Until Allah had to provide some kind of test for the angels to name the objects that Allah had never taught them. The angels give up because they have no knowledge other than what has been taught to them.

So, Allah also asked the same thing to Adam, who had previously been taught the names of the objects. Adam mentions the names of the objects correctly.

This describes an objective assessment process of a person’s ability to occupy a position. With such method, ultimately the angels recognize the competence that existed in Adam, while acknowledging their weakness for the unsuitable position.

Here is an example of competency test conducted for a certain position so beautifully portrayed in the creation of man as the Caliph on earth. An objective and transparent process that can provide an assessment of a person’s abilities, whether the person is fit for a role or position, or not.

A beautiful example is also illustrated by Rasulullah SAW when he wanted to assign Muadz bin Jabal as governor in Yemen. Prior to the assignment, the Prophet gave Muadz some questions in a quite well-known Hadith. The Prophet asks Muadz, with whether he will punish the issue that will arise in the midst of the ummah? So Muadz replied: with Al Qur’an. If not found in Al Qur’an? Asked the Prophet. So I will refer to the Prophetic Hadith, Muadz replied. Then the Prophet asked again; if in the Hadith also you did not find? I will make a personal judgment (ijtihad), reply Muadz.

With those answers, finally Prophet was convinced to assign Muadz bin Jabal as governor of Yemen, because of his ability and competence that is very suitable for the needs of his position as governor. That is an example taught by the Prophet to perform a kind of ‘competency test’ to the companions for an important task.

Halal Supervisor in charge of maintaining the halal of products produced, is a very important and strategic position in guarding the halal of products circulating in Indonesia. It is also guaranteed in Law No. 33 of 2014 on Halal Product Warranty. Therefore, this profession must also be supported by competence standards to maintainand play the function properly.

Then the existence of Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI) in the field of Halal Assurance becomes an important thing as a standard of competence in assessing the guardian of the halal. LSP LPPOM MUI tried to formulate SKKNI No 215 year 2016 in anational occupation certification scheme of Halal Supervisor.

This competency test should be viewed in a broad perspective in accordance with the spirit of guarding the halal of products that are circulated and consumed by public. In order to improve the quality andprofessionalism of human resources to maintain halal, this profession is the first Halal Supervisor profession in the world. So, do not hesitate, be a tough and competent Halal fighter through Halal Supervisor professional certification.

Ir. Nur Wahid, M.Si